Arbuckle and Sloan

When Sloan, the cat, notices that her next-door-neighbor, Arbuckle, the dog, is doing everything his human asks of him, she takes it upon herself to teach him how to think for himself, adopt a more cat-like attitude, and “Just say no.”

Arbuckle’s owner, Jack, is taken aback. Distressed over his dog’s bizarre behavior, he enlists help from a dog psychologist. Meanwhile, Sloan is making progress in her make-a-dog-into-a-cat project. After teaching Arbuckle how to refuse all commands of his owner, she then teaches him how to break out of the yard so that they can have adventures together. Sloan introduces Arbuckle to her cat friends, who are somewhat leery at first, but Arbuckle soon wins them over when he defends them against the local alley cats.

And so, their nocturnal adventures begin, and Arbuckle is happy to have new friends—but maybe not as happy as he was when he was obeying his human’s commands. He is, after all, a dog. Yes, he is enjoying his new-found freedom, but is there someone missing? Is he being honest with himself? How could that be so if he isn’t BEING himself? These are his internal struggles as outwardly he is chasing mice, eating fish heads, meowing at the moon—and visiting a psychologist.

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